Golden Visa Program of Hungary

Invest & Reside: Discover Hungary’s Guest Investor Visa and Residence Permit Program! 

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Options for Guest Investor Visa and Residence Permit Application (available from July 1, 2024)

Direct Real Estate 

Investment (start in 2025)

EUR 500,000

  • Purchase of Residental Property for 5 years  
  • No Minimum Stay Requirements
  • 10 Years Residence Permit
  • Available For Families

Real Estate Fund 


EUR 250,000

  • Invest in Qualified Real Estate Fund for 5 years
  • No Minimum Stay Requirement
  • 10 Years Residence Permit
  • Available For Families



EUR 99,000 

  •  *One-Time Payment and Special Conditions
  • No Minimum Stay Requirement
  • 10 Years Residence Permit
  • Available For Families




FOR 10+10 YEARS 


The Hungarian Golden Visa program offers a streamlined path to residency for non-EU nationals, with a notable feature being its donation option. This allows applicants to contribute a substantial sum to the local Trust Funds of Education. Typically, this donation is non-refundable and supports government-approved projects. The process is efficient, often leading to residency within a few months, making it an attractive option for those seeking swift access to the European Union.

Benefits of the Hungarian Golden Visa

10+10 year Residence Permit

The Guest Investor Residence Permit of Hungary is valid for 10 year and can be extended for 10 years again in case the applicant still qualify the conditions.

Visa Free Travel to Schengen Area

Also depend on the EU regulations, the Residence Permit holder can travel through the Schengen Area visa free.

Family Members Included

Certain family member can apply for residence permit along with the Guest Investor. Their residence permit also will be valid for 10 years.

Valid for Business and Employment

The Guest Investor Residence Permit holder is able to start business and/or work as employee with local companies.

What To Pay Attention


The validity period of the Guest Investor Visa (GIV) is up to 6 month and the period of validity of the permit may exceed the period of validity of the applicant's travel document. But you have 93 days to submit your Guest Investor Residence Permit (GIRP) application after your first entry to Hungary with the GIV.


A forensic real estate expert will be appointed by the competent authority to determine whether there is a noticeable discrepancy between the actual market value of the property and the purchase price applied for. If you buy overpriced property you are not able to get the GIRP. The property purchase option available from y2025.


The application for the issuance of a Guest Investor Visa shall be submitted to the consular officer in the country where you live. The application for the issuance of a Guest Investor Residence Permit may only be submitted in Hungary. So at least once, you have to come to Hungary for few days.

For Any Nationality

There is not restriction on nationalities. But it could be difficult for citizens from sanctioned countries such as Russia or Iran. For clients from sanctioned countries we recommend the direct real estate investment option.

Law Tax Rates

The personal income tax rate is 15%, significant  tax benefits for families. Corporate tax rate is 9%, Local business tax rate is 2%. Transfer tax on property purchase is 4%.

Only 5 years of investment

The applicants has to keep their investments for 5 years only. After they sold the property or the share of the real estate fund they can keep their residence card, but they are not able to renew it.

Hungarian Citizenship

After living in Hungary for 8 years, they can apply for citizenship. Hungary permits dual citizenship.

What the process looks like?

Due Diligence 
and Preliminary 

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Visa Application
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Come to Hungary!

As soon as you get the visa, you can come to Hungary to arrange your chosen investments. We guide you during the full process to secure that your investments will be qualified for the residence permit application.

Residence Permit 
Get Your Residence Permit!

As soon as you have the certificate of your investments, we will assist you to file the residence permit application online. We also represent you during the proccess and pick up your residence permit when ready.

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